Who we are

We are humbled to work with the nonprofit agencies making our community and world better places to live. They feed people who are hungry. They ensure children and families have the education needed to thrive. They help our neighbors get good jobs. They provide health care for people who are sick. They enrich the community with art, music, and culture. In short, they profoundly improve our lives each day.


Encore’s team of nonprofit strategists understands the joys and challenges of work in the nonprofit and small business sectors—we’ve lived them. Bringing together skills in program design, organizational development, grant writing and fundraising, direct service, and much more, the power of teamwork allows us to leverage our skills and serve our clients efficiently. We are committed to developing strong, lasting relationships with our clients, and to ensuring our work with them is as individual as each agency’s clients, work, dreams, and goals.

Our philosophy
We believe the nonprofit sector conducts the most important business of any industry—the business of making our world a better place. We serve as guides and facilitators as agencies think strategically, plan logically, make concrete progress over time, and grow their funding. We’re creative thinkers, strategic collaborators, nonprofit experts, and dedicated cheerleaders. We want to be your partners on your agency’s journey to sustainability, growth, and impact.
The Team

Encore Nonprofit Solutions embraces collaboration: the power of inquisitive dialogue and asking the tough questions, the advantage of combining different areas of expertise, the effectiveness of partnering rather than duplicating efforts. That’s why we have a partnership model – to fully harness the benefits and shared knowledge only a high-caliber team can offer.

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Our experience

Our team offers over 20 years of successful nonprofit expertise encompassing operations, program design, budgeting, outcome measurement, fund development, strategic planning, and business development. We are nonprofit strategists and information architects who help our clients achieve more through an integrated approach to leadership, operations, programming, grant writing, and community outreach. Our insight is multi-faceted, with experience in many areas including health and health care, social services, arts and culture, youth development, and education.

Goals & values

We believe in

  • Thoughtful nonprofit strategy and planning
  • Collaboration and idea sharing
  • Combining logic and passion in effective programming
  • Capturing impact through tangible results
  • Diverse and creative funding approaches
  • Breaking the nonprofit starvation cycle
  • Transforming nonprofit culture and thinking