At Encore Nonprofit Solutions, we want to see your agency thrive.  Let’s collaborate to expand your funding base, improve your effectiveness, hone your strategy, and transform how nonprofits view what they do and how they do it.

Your programs are changing lives. Let us help you establish grant-making tools and plans to attract investors who share a passion for the work you do.

Your team is the heart of your agency. We want to help your staff build the skills they need to excel at the jobs they do today and grow into the roles you need for tomorrow.

You want to make the biggest impact for your clients every day.  We’ll help make sure your programs are doing just that; tweak them to perform better when needed, and help you communicate your results to the community.

You know where you want to go, but getting there requires a clear road map and regular checkpoints. We’ll help you make the plan, stay on track, and shift direction to take advantage of new opportunities along the way with clear thinking and effective action.

Building the right board is an art that can transform your agency. We can help you analyze your board strengths, identify unmet needs, and recruit the right people for your board dream team.

You’re in the business of making the world better—a business that requires investors.  We’ll help you identify your donor base and make a plan to excite them, engage them, and build meaningful relationships with them over time.

why partner with us


Our team offers over 20 years of successful nonprofit experience that encompasses operations, program design, budgeting, outcome measurement, fund development, strategic planning, and business development. We are nonprofit strategists and information architects with broad experience including health and health care, social services, arts and culture, and education.

We are dedicated to helping our nonprofit clients operate more strategically, expand their resources to meet their needs, and fulfill their missions to change our communities for the better. We pride ourselves on developing strong, committed relationships with our clients, and ensure an approach that is individualized to each agency’s needs, goals, and dreams for the future.